The Spinning Beach Ball of Death is an exhibit by humans around the broken promises of technology. The exhibition will result in an incomplete media-archive consisting of work curated by artists for or about a piece of technology that hasn’t lived up to its promise to society. A celebration of struggle, failures and Lime Scooters (too soon?).

The idea here is work that is either using a piece of failed technology, about a piece of failed technology, or about a broken promise of technology. Could be archival in presenting a piece of work curated for a forgotten media.

Artist Stipend $100

Submission Link (Due by March 15th with artists selected by March 20th)

Topics and devices may include but are not limited to…

QR Codes

Cat Scan (Pre QR code, usb barcode reader, shaped like a cat)


Universal Remotes

Microsoft Zune


3D Printers

Smart Appliances and the Internet of Things

Interactive DVD Menus


Quadraphonic Sound

Tickle Me Elmo

CDs that failed to burn and are hoarded in your parents’ basement


Foldimate (laundry folding machine)

Jeff Zuckerberg, Elon Bezos, Mark Musk

Speech Recognition


Social Media

Google Glass

Fake News





The Internet

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