Digital Do-Si-Do is an online media exchange presented in partnership with Games Y’all. It happens bi-monthly in our Discord servers and is a fun, low-stakes opportunity to make something creative, try new software or digital techniques, and meet friends.

What is this / who is it for?

We wanted to create space for artists and game developers to hang out and make stuff together. This exchange takes place across two Discord servers – MoHA (digital media artists and fans) and Fantastic Arcade (game devs and fans). You can join in from either one.

If you’re not sure what Discord is, we made a guide just for you!


Season of GIFing – A Digital Do-si-do

Let’s celebrate the end of 2022 by making animated GIFs for each other! Think secret santa, but more pixels and more lolz. Sign up by Dec 9, submit on Dec 31. 

Friday Dec 9 – Sign up deadline. Join the discord channel!
Friday Dec 16 – Do-si-do! We’ll tell you who you’re making a .GIF for and what their prompt is. Interpret your prompt however you wish – get literal, get festive, get silly.s
Saturday Dec 31 – Post what you made in the #season-of-gifing channel and tag your partner!

🎨 Animated GIFs?! 🎨
○ Even if you’ve never made a GIF before, we encourage you to join in and give it a shot!
○ GIFs can be made on a computer or smartphone from photos, drawings, pixel art, game engine exports, screenshots, video clips, etc.
○ Try opening a .gif in Photoshop or Gimp to see what its guts look like. You can “remix” an existing GIF this way by altering the individual frames of the animation

☃️ Sign Up ☃️
○ Join the MoHA (digital media artists and fans) or Fantastic Arcade (game devs and fans) Discord server.
○ Head over to the #season-of-gifing channel for info or DM @Jay RG#4863 or @Rachel Stuckey#8121 that you’d like to join.
○ New to Discord? Email and we’ll get you set up.