Digital Do-Si-Do is an online media exchange presented in partnership with Games Y’all. It happens bi-monthly in our Discord servers and is a fun, low-stakes opportunity to make something creative, try new software or digital techniques, and meet friends.

What is this / who is it for?

We wanted to create space for artists and game developers to hang out and make stuff together. This exchange takes place across two Discord servers – MoHA (digital media artists and fans) and Fantastic Arcade (game devs and fans). You can join in from either one.

If you’re not sure what Discord is, we made a guide just for you!


Games Y’all presents 

Desktop Poetry – A Digital Do-si-do

Let’s celebrate spring by freshening up each others desktop backgrounds! If you’ve got a bee in your bonnet for cool art and new friends, saddle up! 🤠 Sign up by 4/22, submit on 5/27.

🌷 Update! Sign up Deadline Extended until Sunday, April 24th 🌷

Friday April 22 – Sign up deadline. Add text to your wishlist to inspire your dream desktop background. 

Friday April 29 – Do-si-do! We’ll tell you who you’re making a desktop background for and what their prompt is. Interpret your prompt however you wish – get literal, get abstract, get along little doggies!

Friday May 27 – Post what you made in the digital-do-si-do channel and tag your partner!

✒️💻Desktop Poetry?💻🖋

-You don’t have to be a poet! Share your favorite text excerpts in your wishlist whether that be fun sayings, lyrics, tv quotes, even tweets! 

-Try to keep quotes short! The more open ended the prompt the more creative your partner can get.

-Desktop backgrounds can be made in any software that inspires you – just export as a .png or take a screenshot when you’re done.

Join from the #digital-do-si-do channel on either the MoHA or Fantastic Arcade Discord server.