Alie Jackson

on display would employ Digital Alchemy in an attempt to transform time. Digital Alchemy involves online ritual, performance, collaboration and magic, which would be accompanied by a growing collection of digital ephemera forming a shrine to an alternative system of time. A universal, communal clock, with symbols instead of numbers, would tick irregularly based on vibrations fed to it from piezo/contact-mics. We would contribute our own vibrations (detailed later) and offer free mail-order contact-mic kits to website visitors so they could contribute as well. Live performances would involve synchronization of improvised sounds and movements, relying on intuition overcoming lags and glitches in the connection. Performances would occur at scheduled symbol times, regardless of the “real” times in our various locations the unpredictable symbol times happen to fall.

Mars is an Australian artist based in Austin, TX, working across sculpture, installation, performance, video and digital media. She has participated in Dark MOFO (2017), Performa NYC (2015) and the Window Project at the New Museum (2013), as well as various exhibitions in New York, Toronto, Austin, Sydney and Hobart. She was the recipient of an Artistic Merit Scholarship at UT Austin (2019) and the UTAS Toshiba Golf Day Prize (2018) and has had video work selected for public programming at The Loop in Hobart (2018).

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