All You Are and Are Not: Rin Johnson IRL

January 20, 2017

Brooklyn based sculptor and poet, Rin Johnson, spent the month creating and curating super fresh VR videos while in residence at the Welcome to my Homepage Digital Artist Residency. Johnson’s work and curatorial interests focus on topics of surveillance, privacy, and the politics of images/space/bodies/race. On view IRL is Johnson’s latest VR poem, All You Are and Are Not, paired with live video projection from Yellowstone National Park.


Rin Johnson moves between virtual reality, sculpture and the printed word. Johnson is the author of two books, “Nobody Sleeps Better Than White People” from Inpatient Press and the forthcoming VR Book, “Meet in the Corner” from Publishing House. Johnson founded Imperial Matters (a space for liquid poetry) with Sophia Le Fraga and is an MFA candidate in Sculpture at Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts.