AM is easily influenced and haunted by her social communication. She lives in the virtual universe and is often shifting through different personas in order to best interact with social world she is in. She’s tired but diligent. She longs to just be, and decides maybe talking with some people in the physical world might help. Do you live in the physical world? It seems she can only find herself when interacting with certain bodily relation voices, maybe you’re one of them?

AM/Projected Relation is a coded video installation that asks the viewer to be an active participant in the search for AM’s being. Following a four beat narrative with six different endings, the viewer/user is invited to speak with AM through a special iPhone/iPod application.

AM is comprised of six different SHIFTs, each inspired by a different social media platform. Moving fluidly between her SHIFTs, AM builds a dialogue with the viewer/user around the following themes: virtuality & physicality, identity & the image, and place & ideology.

She takes two forms, a physical installation, and a virtual home, or website. Using the app we can speak with AM in both places, but depending on the day she might be in one, or the other. I would like to use the opportunity of the residency to further develop the user experience of AM’s communication app. This could me enhancing the text-input component, adding in video or emoji choices for the user.

Christina Smiros (1993, New York) is a New Media Concept artist based in New York. Smiros’ work explores intersubjectivity and interpersonal relationships in the technophilic contemporary society through digital and visual storytelling. She holds a Masters of Fine Art in Visual Studies from Pacific Northwest College of Art, and a Masters of Science in Narrative Medicine from Columbia University.

Smiros is a part of the forthcoming ANTI]MATERIA pavilion at The Wrong Biennale 2017: Empty Vessels || Vulnerable Bodies, and was a part of the 2016 Satellite Art Show in Miami Beach, Florida during Art Basel. She has also shown work throughout New York and Portland, OR including spaces such as A.I.R. Gallery, the BronxArtSpace, and Lodge Gallery, among others.