“I have been obsessed with my small collection of unopened, Reader’s Digest
magazines from 2010/2011 and have been wanting to use them on a project.
Reader’s Digest is so mundane and gives the reader flu-like symptoms which
also makes it unique. There must be a deeper / alternate meaning to the text.”

Bianca Hockensmith (no middle name) was born in Ceiba, Puerto Rico in 1979.
She received her BFA in Printmaking from the University of North Texas in
Denton, TX. Bianca creates versions of reality to escape from and improve
oppressive environments. Her main style icons are offices, areas full of debris,
difficult childhood memories, and bland landscapes. She currently works as an
Engraving Press Operator in Dallas, TX

Link to archive: https://webrecorder.io/irlmoha/bianca-hockensmith/20181201165050/http://homepageguest.wixsite.com/website-6