Campbell Mcconnell

“I am interested in exploring the online virtual world wide computer game that is Runescape. Just like in real life There are several skills on Runescape to work on. These different skills require different outfits, tools, weaponry, and even sometimes pets. I am going to create and bring these different characters to life, creating loads of different outfits and costumes, in short 1 minute videos. the videos will be shot as if you are choosing a character before playing a video game. they will slowly and awkwardly turn 360 degrees, in order to see the full costume.”

Campbell Mcconnell uses video performance and installation in order to socially engage an audience directly. Costume is used to inform fictional characters that address idiosyncrasies in consumer culture with a slight sense of anarchy. Using the grotesque to potentially parody cultural ideas of success. Challenging expectations of identity within popular culture through absurd humor.