April 27, 2017

Liz Walber’s work considers a climate change present, and an alternative, queer methodology that fears ages of distance between the subject and the archivist. CDROTT::: SHEYNE KLEYNE LIGNERTES // PRETTY LITTLE LIARS uses Yiddish language, queer studies, and contemporary pop culture and feminist texts to create a living oral history made for an audience of the distance future.  CDROT archives elaborate descriptions of Pretty Little Liars as a lesbian narrative, images of body parts considered unattractive by conventional understanding, original Yiddish poems and a growing collection of miniature quilts. Walber seeks ways to brand the present, taking into account a queer futurity based on a togetherness built not from shared misery nor shared pleasure, but something beyond.


Liz Walber is a feminist, experimental filmmaker living in Northampton, MA. Her primary interests are Internet subcultures, porn studies, histories of sex work, herbalism, and Jewish lesbian’s poetry.
As an undergrad at Smith College, majoring in Film, and Gender Studies, she produced two experimental documentaries: New Daughters (a film about online sex work and feminist academic) and Artifact (a virtual seance in response to a sexual assault at her high school). As well, she’s produced academic work on ASMR and porn culture, and theory on PTSD and the experience of being a traumatized viewer. Her project Cam Girls is a creative thesis film about herbal abortion, online sex work, ASMR, female celebrity icons, and online spectacle and authorship.
She is currently producing Fawn, a documentary about deer in the suburbs of the United States, and Shelf Life, an experimental narrative film about a love story about a lesbian with contamination OCD who predicts climate change.