“I want to explore how digital and online media can shape a person’s sense of identity. Computers are quickly becoming a sort of extension of the human body in terms of memory. Perhaps computers behave more like a personal diary or capture of the mind because of the amount of intimate information they typically hold. Using my own collection of personal and found images and “internet relics” (for example, old GIFs from GeoCities, screenshots of bizarre social media comments, images ripped from archived webpages on the Wayback Machine), I wish to make a digital collage of seemingly unrelated data to create an abstract self-portrait, thus creating an accessible digital extension of myself.”

Adam’s work revolves around abjection, death and rebirth, and ideas of self, and takes inspiration from practical horror movie effects and science fiction.

Link to archived webpage: https://webrecorder.io/irlmoha/elaine-adams/20190201213936/http://homepageguest.wixsite.com/website