C0MPUT3R P$Y3NT0L0GY is a 6-step audit system to free the modern technoself from the current limits of consciousness. Participants are led by an official minister of P$Y3NT0L0GY through each step of the audit via a viewing of virtual reality, net.art and other time-based media stations designed and commissioned by high level Computer P$yentologists. Each step will weed out potential trouble sources on the path to becoming an optimal virtual being and developing a healthy relationship with the impending singularity.

Step 1 :: The Right Rear Corner of The Universe // Limited Hangout

Step 2 :: Rise and Shine // Vidkidz

Step 3 :: Sand Saga // Shana Moulton

Step 4 :: Tender Mystic Hotline // Rachel Simone Weil

Step 5 :: Goat Mountain Revival // Flatsitter

Step 6 :: The Hifi God // Jerome Morrison