From the artist:
I’ve been delving more into using digital means to make work, and this residency would provide me with a space to host some of the products of a journey to pin down a narrative I’ve been forming recently. Ultimately my homepage will be showcasing the PDF that functions as the framework for the story, accompanied by things I’ve made to bring it to life. Basically, I plan to finish the PDF (which includes text and images), make a short game using Bitsy relative to the story, and include whatever other things I’ve made thus far connecting to the story on the homepage. I wouldn’t just embed the pages, I’d want to use hyperlinks within the text on the homepage to link to these other artifacts of the story, somewhat reflecting a Twine game.
Born in Houston but raised in Sugar Land, Nat Olmo graduated from UNT with a BFA focused in Drawing & Painting in 2017. Feeling disenfranchised from the Dallas/Ft. Worth scene, Olmo used their house to create Gel Crush, a gallery space that highlights artists that usually don’t get the opportunity to showcase or who don’t have a degree. Olmo’s pronouns are they/them/theirs.