*sex-human for your bots*

*sex-human for your bots* is an installation about role-reversal, political switch-play; post-ironic love affair with machine (hardware/device, socials, content-sharing, online marketplaces, cloud-based applications, etc), and the poetics and complications of this current moment, a sort-of apocalypse: the changing of human domination over machine into subordination–from a psychological standpoint (not “Hansen Robotic’s Sophie will destroy all humans”), and in relation to access to information as equivalent to power.

The original, ‘real’ performance only happens for machine; through unpublished posts and events as solely data to mine, interactions with bots sold as services, etc. In this way, the project follows Brophy’s practice at large, which involves gestural acts of transforming space with language; about subverting a normative, ‘master’ text with estranged syntax; poetry as subversive act; the idea that these text-based performances will be scraped/mined and subsequently used to train AI. Any product of those interactions would be translated for a human audience. And, this is where the complication of formal visuals come into play: with this residency, Brophy is interested in experimenting with what the processing of this data to information would ‘look’ like, how it would be embodied.

Kevin Brophy is a multidisciplinary artist and writer based in Pittsburgh, PA. She holds a BA in Studio Arts and Creative Writing from the University of South Florida, and an MFA in Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University as a Regina and Marlin Miller fellow. Brophy has been the recipient of the Anderson Art scholarship, Vermont Studio Center artist award, and Frank-Ratchye Creative Inquiry microgrant. She has performed and exhibited in museums, galleries, and film festivals, both nationally and internationally, including Contemporary Art Museum, Tampa; MoCA, Cleveland; and Miller Gallery, Pittsburgh. She is a founding member of [UNDISCLOSED]collective and probl3magic. Brophy is a VISARTS Brelser Resident Artist starting the fall of 2018.