“We strive to facilitate workplace amelioration through our alternative and portable work units. Realized through hand-crafted affordable materials and bespoke instructions, we will manifest online privacy and productivity through physical privacy and comfort. During Sharing Turtle’s residency, the collaborators will beta-test their new line of sustainable, customizable, and ergonomic Personal-Office-Devices (PODs). Each POD begins as a humble refrigerator delivery receptacle, and is transformed into a minimalist yet hygge multi-purpose workarea. We would like Welcome to My Homepage to be part of our ambitious mission to design a new way of working both collaboratively and independently.”

Laura Hyunjhee Kim is a Korean-American multimedia artist who renders familiar experiences into (non)existent spaces that reimagine digital culture and virtual living. Kim has shown work on/offline around the world recently including the Centro Cultural São Paulo, MMoCA, and ICA London. Her work was featured in The Creators Project, SF Chronicle and she was an artist in residence at the Internet Archive and Korea National University of the Arts. Kim received her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and is a PhD student at the CU Boulder. She is the Founding Director of SEICA Human Interaction Labs.

Libi rose striegl is an interdisciplinary artist who works primarily in DIY spaces and in workshop settings. Her work addresses and critiques human-tech relationships through satire, experience creation and educational texts. Libi has exhibited work recently at the Antimatter experimental media festival, the San Diego Underground Film Festival, The Detroit Institute of the Arts and the MIRE film labs conference. She was recently featured as one of the Denver 100 Creatives by Westword Magazine. Libi received her MFA from Duke University and is a PhD student at the University of Colorado at Boulder.