Smile While: Matthew Keff IRL

June 9, 2017

Smile While is an experience without rules, composed of a real-time digital canvas and several interactive games to be played alone or with others. Artist Matthew Keff uses game engine software to build custom applications that populate fantasy environments with playful 3D graphics, imaginative physics, and spatialized audio.

While in residence at, Keff created a new series of generative and interactive scenes bursting with kinetic masses of chunky shapes, vivid color, and emotive characters. How the work comes to life in the physical space is up to you. As Keff describes, “the work functions as a dream-like Rorschach allowing the viewer to seek their own understanding through experimentation and play.”


Matthew Keff was born in the Hudson Valley of NY, US in 1985. He attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC receiving a BFA. Using 3D graphics and game engines to create audio visual experiences, Matthew uses the internet, digital printing and installation to display his work. His process explores fantasy and emotion by abstraction and experimentation. Matthew currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.